Using the PCT Software platform.

The PCT Platform is a GUI and set of tools for developing simulated and robotic systems based upon Perceptual Control Theory. The purpose is to develop such systems without needing to write programming code. The design of the platform encourages a way of thinking about the implemented systems as perceptual control systems rather than as algorithms. Instead of having to write lines of code the user configures a control system by dragging and dropping, and linking, pre-defined functions.

The GUI also allows the user to run and monitor the system whether located locally or on remote robot hardware. Live data can be displayed and plotted. Control parameters can be changed in real-time on the live system.

Below are the steps for installing and using the PCT platform.

Installation and test

  1. Install PCTMonitor application
  2. Run a simple sample
  3. Run a control system simulation

Lego EV3 Mindstorms support

  1. Install LeJOS
  2. Install PCT support
  3. Run proximity control sample