Perceptual Robots are able to provide the following services to assist in conceptualizing, developing and implementing robust, dynamic robotic systems.

  1. Consultancy
  2. Software
  3. Training


Perceptual Robots can provide a wide range of assistance to the development of robotics solutions, throughout the life-cycle of the project, whether it be with visualisation of the goals, and sub-goals, of the desired system, design of the hierarchical control systems architecture or hands-on help with the software development and implementation of the system.


Perceptual Robots has developed a set of software libraries (APIs) and tools for both constructing and configuring perceptual systems and for visualising and analysing the live system.

In particular a graphical user interface can display:

a real-time, continuous update of all the values of all the variables and signals involved with the control systems, by a snapshot of the current values,

or by plots of the values over time.


Additionally, parameters of the controls systems can be modified through a GUI at run-time, with immediate effect.



Perceptual Robots can help with the development of the understanding and implementation of perceptual control systems in various ways:

  • Presentations – Overview of the philosophy and concepts behind perceptual control systems.
  • Workshops – In-depth, hands-on experience with the design, development and implementation of perceptual control systems.
  • Mentoring – Ongoing partnership to transfer knowledge and skills associated with perceptual control systems and the relevant software.